A Foam Mattress for Everyone


A newer innovation, foam mattresses are becoming a popular option for many people who favor different sleeping positions.

The Latex Mattress

Because a Comsumer Reports molds to your body while providing comfortable, consistent support, latex can be a good option for many people.


Different varieties of latex mattresses can offer more personalized comfort and support, similar to how memory foam conforms to your body.


Memory foam is known to retain heat but latex may be a cooler option and can be made using rubber trees to create a more natural mattress that doesn’t emit potentially harmful chemicals.


A Mattress for Different Sleepers

There are many things you can do to help your guests rest in comfort and feel at home. Maybe you have purchased new pillows or placed an extra blanket at the foot of the bed to improve your guests’ sleeping experience.


Thinking about the mattress and providing a custom sleeping surface can boost you from a good hostess to a great one.


You can offer that personal touch through an adjustable mattress.


An adjustable foam mattress is good for people who have back pain because the amount of pressure can be set to fit each person’s preference for support and comfort.

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A mattress built with air chambers can also be adjusted. Using a remote, each sleeper can add or reduce the amount of air in the chambers on their side to ensure the best night’s sleep.