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M2PA Signaling Tester

Test Harness & Test Suite for the Validation of M2PA Implementations.




M2PA Conformance Test Architecture




The M2PA Signaling Tester is a test environment for the M2PA signaling specification as defined by the IETF standards. It is a SAFIRE based test harness able to run pre-defined ACATS test scenarios against M2PA test objects in a controlled & deterministic manner.


The SAFIRE graphical editor allows new scenarios to be created or existing scenarios to be modified using the M2PA interface library (API), which defines the M2PA messages and parameters. The test harness includes a M2PA protocol analyzer for on-line capture and decode of the signaling in real-time both during tests and as a stand-alone tracer for live systems.


The M2PA Signaling Tester is suitable for conformance tests, functional tests, factory tests & acceptance tests.


Key Features
  • Fully integrated, complete test environment for M2PA
  • ISO conformant test scenarios giving framework coverage of M2PA
  • Graphical development environment & libraries for creating new M2PA tests
  • Compatible with ACATS M2PA Professional Test Suite (not included)
  • Expandable for SIGTRAN, SIP, ISDN, ISUP-SIGTRAN interworking
  • M2PA Reference Test Object



VoIP Architecture




The M2PA Signaling Tester was designed to be a complete solution for M2PA signaling test requirements.  It has the key components:

  • M2PA Test Harness including codec & IP stack
  • ACATS M2PA Framework Test Suite
  • M2PA Interface Library
  • M2PA Protocol Analyzer

The M2PA test harness uses the powerful SAFIRE environment to provide advanced features like

  • Graphical editing (flow diagram representation)
  • Automated execution of test campaigns
  • Slow motion replay with synchronized trace & breakpoints
  • Test reports with statistics (also HTML)
  • Real-time, high performance protocol analysis

Using the M2PA Signaling Tester, test objects can be accurately, reliably and comfortably validated for compliance with the IETF M2PA RFC 4165 standard.  It is suitable for manufacturers, network operators and service providers to address all stages of the development cycle, regression testing through to type approval, acceptance testing & certification (note: requirements may be country/organization specific).


The ACATS M2PA Framework Test Suite includes test scenarios for the validation of terminal equipment by simulating the controlled interaction with other M2PA entities such as

  • Media-Gateway (MG)
  • Media-Gateway Controller (MGC)


SAFIRE Editor Sample


The framework test suite contains a selection of important scenarios, which can be used to confirm the basic functionality of a M2PA test object. They are also an excellent basis for customization and enhancement according to specific needs.


An upgrade is available for the ACATS M2PA Professional Test Suite, which offers extensive coverage of the M2PA signaling test requirements.


M2PA Reference Test Object


For reference a virtual test harness is included, that allows test scenarios to be run off-line against a software-only test object under controlled conditions.  The test harness uses a software bus to replace the physical connection and an accurate software model as the test object.  Normally fully automated execution of tests is possible, but in some specific cases the test object allows/requires user interaction during the tests.



Run Test Scenarios against the M2PA Reference Test Object


Specifications & Test Specifications
  • IETF M2PA RFC 4165
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Hardware Requirements
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  • Ethernet interface to test object

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